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Denmark's Sustainability Journey

The Shire of Denmark's Vision Statement is for a “A happy, healthy and eclectic community that embraces creativity, values the natural environment and is invested in a strong local economy.” The Shire acknowledges the importance of the natural environment to the residents of Denmark and the region and supports this through the Shire's Sustainability Program and Strategy.

The delivery of the Sustainability Strategy is driven by dedicated and forward thinking Councillors and citizens who understand the commitment that is needed to change the way we do things, in order for us to live within the means of this planet.

Shire Climate Change Commitments

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Our Progress Against the Sustainability Pillars

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Equity and Local Economy_Screenshot 2023-06-13 153659

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Land and Nature_Screenshot 2023-06-14 112852

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Sustainable Travel and Transport_Screenshot 2023-06-14 113020

Sustainable Materials Products and Food_Screenshot 2023-06-14 113103

Zero Waste_Screenshot 2023-06-14 113204

Zero Carbon Energy_Screenshot 2023-06-14 113253